Capo Vaticano

A crystalline sea and a wondrous landscape made of rocks and inlets make Capo Vaticano a heavenly place; one of its most interesting attractions is the so-called Belvedere, where you can enjoy a marvelous sight. From there, a stairway carved into the rock leads to a number of beaches that would be otherwise inaccessible.

The most visited place in the bay of Capo Vaticano is without a doubt Grotticelle beach, which is the largest and the most famous among tourists: it is made of three adjacent natural bays dotted with caves, hidden beaches and cliffs that blend to form a one of a kind landscape.

A large parking lot is located near the road that leads to the beach.

Capo Vaticano is also home to a famous radio beacon, very important to all the ships sailing from the north towards the Strait of Messina: the beacon begun its work on 1885 and it has been renovated on 1946; it is made of a white turret that rests on a one storey building.